Scene II - Mina
“Love had struck like the Hammer of Thor On the one that had to be... But what was in store for him, The Chosen one had yet to see...” The cold breeze hit their faces as they watched the birds dance in the sky And beyond... the horizon... He contrived her looks against the twilight glare, Her audacity a fading rose, Her eyes, her glare, pierced his stare and froze his blood... “If you take me I will grant you the gift of Eternal Life...” “All I really need from you is Eternal Love!” In the damp meadow near the lake Fondling each other like well-deserved rewards Through the sedge a horde of Demons crawled... Claws outstretched towards the figure on top Shadows loitered as her body withered to blend with the anguish moist and fever dew. And there she lured him into commodious slumber Into the abyss of love... It was then he recalled a rigorous sight, The adverse of what she had become: “Never had he seen a maiden of such radiant beauty, Riding a mare, crossing the open plains, Letras de cancionesHer movement, rhythmic and synchronized with the beast's trot Her hand moved down the horse's neck in a delicate caress... Her golden curls glinted in the morning sunlight, Titillated like never before by her image against the plain's down land.” Mina... “I am claiming your soul, for this, kindle my orgasm” “Where have I wronged you succubus, Why? I loved you, why?” “You are mine, now” She emerged amidst a blazing inferno Hands of souls proffered towards her crotch Compelling her to spew out a screaming passion He felt his profoundest ripped away from him There was nothing he could do He had lost everything For the only one he really knew... From Letras Mania