Altered Boy
[Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] Unholy pedophile Praying on the innocent Protected by the papacy So-called men of enlightenment Children fingered by the hand of god Raped in the name of Christ They took a vow of chastity Yet have torn asunder so many a life [Chorus] Chickenhawks of the Catholic Church Out to save and destroy They have become the priest of burden And he's become an altered boy Men so benevolent In a position of trust Molesting children by the score Rendering youg life staight into dust They're church is their Golgotha Their chucified by the priest Child becomes the victim Holy father becomes the beast Letras de canciones [Chorus] [Solo: Lee] [Solo: Gary] Multi-million lollar payouts Resitution for their crimes This vile sickness Cut to many down in their prime All the bishops and the cardinals Tried to hide it away In the parish and cathedrels The pedators come to prey [Chorus] From Letras Mania