Pink Spiders (The)

Soft Smoke
Caught the green line down at bleaker and broad and now it's droppin' down to thirty below I can't feel my toes but baby I'm on fire we'll sleep on subways we'll spend time in cafes these pretty girls and these Manhattan apartments these New York City police are all rotten liars Staton Island princess so pretty in pearls drop it down make it an uptown affair you got the money and I got the drugs you're pretty pretty for a white white girl take me to the Mercury Lounge let's see what trouble we can get in tonight cause everywhere I go it's like the end of the world but with your back to the wall you're gonna be the lonely one if you dance all night you're gonna be loved don't know where to start it's breaking my heart how's anybody supposed to love you baby 'til you do? (Thanks to alyssa for these lyrics) From Letras Mania