Exies (The)

On The Brighter Side
Oh, Camille are you just as bored as me Living down a fantasy, we're coping out Well gotta gotta give gotta give it away In emergency, how beautiful to be here To be here when it's time to go So, I'll make, I'll make you, I'm never gonna break the line It comes as no surprise That I do this to myself, living on the bitterside And never knowing why It comes as no surprise, that I bring this on myself Living down a fantasy on the brighter side Oh, Camille are you just as high as me Stoned and glued to this old chair...come and see Well I just had the strangest sick daydream A revelation how becoming to see it, to see it Made me wanna cower down So roll away, roll away from the hurt inside I'm cleared for a taxi run through I'm still breaking down Could you ever baptize me, cause I'm still fumbling around And at times it seems I'm missing something I once had And I don't know, don't know what it was that I had From Letras Mania