Last Valentines
I crashed my car, right into a tree I'd risk my life for a chance you'd come back to me (Yah) You called 999, then left me to bleed (Left me to bleed) I know you'd never cause an accident for me (Me, me, me, me, me) I'll count the stars tonight ('Night, 'night, 'night, 'night, 'night) So last Valentines (Last Valentines), you spent it away (Spent it away) To be with a girl you said you never saw that way It hurts now to smile, it hurts more to breathe It makes me so angry all I do is grit my teeth I still let this man take over me But I know that I'm not one it should bе I should really take some timе instead To figure why this plays out again and again I'll count the stars tonight ('Night, 'night, 'night, 'night, 'night) Woah, woah, woah From Letras Mania