Olivia O'Brien

Bitch Back
Bitch back, my bitch back She back, she back Bitch back, my bitch back I know you're sad But think of all the fun we're gonna have And in a couple months We're gonna look at this and laugh Like remember Ibiza, cuz I don't either But I know we had a fucking blast So let's order a pizza, a side of tequila And you'll forget about him fast It's all good, I got my bitch back Back on our bullshit I know you missed that Cuz he sucks and now we can admit that I got my bitch back, my bitch back You look good Bitch, I'll pull back the curtain I see you doin' bumps in the back of a suburban That's not the good girl thing you've been workin' Cheatin' on your man then pretending that you earn it From Letras Mania