I don't wanna talk to nobody 'cause I don't feel fine I just wanna chill with myself 'cause I'm not okay You can feel the pain in my heart, bro Cryin' in the bed like tonight People asking me if they can come ride [?] I don't wanna die tonight If you fuck with me, then you might die tonight Come up in this bitch, cause a homicide, so get inside Man, I hate this life, I can't live this shit (Uh-uh) No bad bitch overseas when I'm out [?] black miss Yeah, money brings me happiness but I'm still sad as shit (Yuh) And I don't know what it feel but I don't think I could exist (Uh-uh) In a world full of hate mixed with all of loneliness (Uh-uh) So point back [?] my head, and watch my soul eatеr skin And people askin' me if I'm okay, I'm doin' finе (I'm okay) I'm okay with dyin' in the field than a peaceful place (Yuh) What I mean [?] see my self optimistic in a dream (Uh-uh) Babygirl, this is not paradise, it's not what it From Letras Mania