At The Ends Of The Earth
Full of superficial words, anxious to find the real essence of the human nature. Love, hate, colours, feelings, bitterness, anger, disappointment, a rainbow of words so alien for you. You broke down in disgusting pleasures. [PRE-CHORUS:] Compressing dreams you destroy to save your own insecurities, drifting and drowned in a sea of lies. You think that you got it all, but you need to protect your fucking ego. Misery, hate is the only way, life is a big game, stop to be blind lost inside dreamlike illusions, you have to watch for the light, giving hope, so far away from lies. [PRE-CHORUS] [CHORUS:] At the ends of the earth I don't want to be drowned, through the emptiness of non-existence. At the ends of the earth the seas of eternal silence, invocations of the testimony of the cursed Gods. From Letras Mania