A Season In The Sky
I had a vision last night, my god was glowing There was another bridge on fire And the last wrecks were counted The sky opened and the blood flowed A distant cancerous season was upon me I had a hook in my back and a light to guide me My words were useless again The leftovers were playing with my memories of love I screamed at my god and he let me go I drifted silently to the desert and began to pray I came to a pile of ashes and sifted through it looking for teeth A snake spoke through me again But I could not heal their wounds I'm searching for the old spirit of war With my rough hands and a sharp knife I need something to cut into so that my god can see me again To be right again To see my shadow alone To get back to the hook a let the light burn in my soul All I've seen walking through the fire The figures in my dreams Run back on me in a psychic scar As I ride to the dawn From Letras Mania