Young Deji

Lil Woah
L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah (Bitch, it's Lil Woah) L-I-L Woah (Hey, hey) L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah, uh (Bitch, it's Lil Woah) L-I-L Woah, uh (Yeah) L-I-L He is not dangerous and he don't got 10K in cash So why would I play with his ass? I'm in the H and I ride in the Jag, uh Bitch, it be driving so fast Don't come to the H when I'm all in LA Rizzoo Rizzoo, he can't save you today (It's hot) Got bricks in the A, don't trap where you stay And I know y'all niggas patiently waiting For me to fall off, but I'm here to stay Got a new house in a whole 'nother state I just invested to some real estate Y'all hotel trapping tryna find a way Don't need nobody, I got it myself Took them trips by my 'lone, never needed no help Fuck keeping up with you, this for my health After they hear this, you back on the shelf Don't hate the player, just hate on the game, lil' nigga Letras de cancionesSo I'm back all in the mix You call yourself GUN, but you sound like a bitch, lil' nigga So I know you gon' snitch Tryna get your clout back off of all of this shit You just a troll, heard that shit from your bitch Y'all be too busy tryna ride dick Boy, on my mama, y'all gon' make me sick Don't try to throw shade on top of the truth Don't be callin' on Maxo, ain't linkin' with you I still got shooters on top of the roof I got hella Bloods that screamin' Piru Hella Crips from my hood and they fuck with me too Free J Money, spitting crack in the booth Self-made, I'ma do what I do Back in your bitch when I'm back in the booth My cousin your management, I know the truth Haha, you dig? Yeah L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah L-I-L Woah From Letras Mania