Mater Tenebrarum
Inferno's book symbol of blasphemy and fear Unveils the still upbraided sign of death Mothers unite as one in shape of evil itself Darkness, tears and breathes MATER TENEBRARUM Vision of inverted, fallen destiny in sight The slave of hers inside of me Jezebels scream for your defeat by smell of vault Sacrifice your eyes to see MATER TENEBRARUM "BELLUM, MORTEM, CRUDELITATES SUBTILES ET IMMENSA FEREMUS, INQUIETAE SUMUS ET INSATIABILES, ODII SATURAE, SUBIECTAE ANIMI IMPETIS, FASTIDIUM, INVIDIA, DISCIDIUM, INTER NOS, SACERDOTES SATANAS STANT." Fires, devils, from the depth of horror Mothers demand the orgies of blood Threw your lighted candles to the ground Blest be the man that spares these sounds Dance, around the pale Uprising chalice holds my veins Obnoxious mind, cursed souls Desire of death, praying' to meet ghouls Mothers, contend the reign The Antagonist, claims God's domain They will break they will twist They will burn they'll destroy From Letras Mania