State Of Progressive Annihilation
Darkness wrap my locus Modifying my cells Fast suicide Haunts from the birth Implant myself in death Atrophic arts my feel Psycho syndrome Cerebroidal will [chorus] Masochism, praise myself Draining of my own life Tasting blood in convulsion state Somatic injury to die Necroctomy on my body Autophagy's before Limbs removal And bathe in blood Traumatism is pleasure Neurotic spasms dead Cerebrospinal Outside my back [chorus] Playground of torment Letras de cancionesSuffice my need to kill Electro surgery Psychophiliac's will Fragile soul - ignored by peace Effective search for pain Furious breath - smell abuse Self - punishment to gain Points of dying - reach the top As penetrance diminished Scorching days surround me Massacring to finish [2nd chorus] Tensile pains Aroused together Ceratoid eyes gaze Aberrant stomach Lymphatic vessels fried Get torn forever Recto dermal tumour Works up to climax Body's relief - the brain commands Demented urge to die Dried is blood . harms to dust My aftermath demised Reach beyond - to shift inside And decadence frenetic Deformed corpse remainder Forgotten an atrophic [2nd chorus] From Letras Mania