I hear the voices around me Burning the regions of mind The thoughts are growling together I gaze at the walls of frustration Bewitching my last sanity Sadistic death takes my fear of death Thanatoid My chance to arrest this torment Is vanished by passing of time I get confused in a austral disease The deadly complex is pounding And twisting the walls of my heart My mind is crossing up the threshold... ... I die Thanatoid Nerves on edge, paranoia's near Explain the growing sorrow... years by years I see my victims turning... from the ways of the past They release my days... of disgust Senses, searching for life Conceiving breath after breath Letras de cancionesDrastic measure to recharge my brain I watch in splendour at the mass Old dreams, (of) paranormal life Psychoneuroses deny Seeds of anguish, unfold their roots Inhaled desire, I want... to pass... away Stop my human waste From Letras Mania