Choose Your Death
Enclosed into my cage to satisfy emotions Many times had passed a process to erosion Descending to the cellar my bride "death" tolls the hour Face your brutal fellow, it's time for no tomorrow [Chorus] Future! - Summons image of life For the past! - I spread the wings of dying ... and choose your death Torment of the lash, looses the ties of blood Sweetest dream realized, my deals front your God Repulsions of conception, psychoactive evolution I gain your last dishonour, burst the sound of sorrow [Chorus] Chosen victims, call suicide My dimensions, commence to arise Killing by shears, fills my body Trim your out limbs, nailed down your feelings to mine Once I had to return Echoes of deception Worms creep slowly along corpses left Cold spread my evolution Let my existence fries Letras de cancionesBlood is mixing tears Still the silence reduce my breath The rage rebounds in fear Choose your death! [X 3] From Letras Mania