Graveyard Of The Innocents
Holding child in the lap of death No feeling the touch of life Denied pleasure, enormous sin Sanctify your strife Alive In limbo Chanting priest victimizes souls Glorifying his useless God The open ground receives the corpse Earth purifies my blood Nefastus stench of rotten bones Footsteps on the earth I lie Morbid hands will sign my grave Torment, immaculate New born's death Slaves their mind No return In limbo I die... They enter my domain with lust Relentless much on holy ground Blackest candles burn my soul Violence, trespass... New born's death Letras de cancionesSlaves their mind No return In limbo I die... I stand at the gates of limbo... Entering, I walk Innocent blood I lost Men on earth torment my ghost Nothing I command Deranged is my mind Falling to the sand Cannot open my eyes... My tablet has changed (Sign!) Signed with morbid Colours (Sign!) Death rules my veins Trapped in this dimension I've never known my soul Now I feel the dead they call I see decayed face Appears from his lie Feel the burning grace Cannot open my eyes From Letras Mania