...Agony / The Flag Of The Inverted Cross
Pray with the creeping chaos Denying the holy cross Instantaneous demon is released by the force Satan order all of us In the pentagram of blood Defeat the priest of lies and attack the place of God Raise... the flag Belial at my fuckin' side You pray the unblessed grave Symbolical dimension places my body rots away Biblical verdict of heaven Accept the words of hell Sign your desperation to the sudden death in spell Raise... the flag of inverted cross Pray, the altar in mist The soul of Christ denies the beast Summon the force that regrets my domain To find that someone will pay Ascending from emptiness Evil strikes for me Unveil your Satan's flag Calling, inside your head Letras de cancionesAntichrist, debris of flesh Death rips you apart Annihilation, victims of pain Serve your necrolust Evil one comes on the wings of hell The death of Christ is obtained Defiled crosses on the altar of Hades Unleash your disgust today YOG-SOTHOTH H'EE-L'GEB F'AI-THRODOG SABAOTH Flag of the inverted cross Waves down in hell Resurrection is not unveiled Lunatic, demoniac spell Back the soldiers to re-twist tour soul Feel death that creeps inside of you Endless torment, inflicted pain to see Defeated priest vomits witches brew Dungeon of eternal horror Indulge desire and lust Sacrifice by Satanism Evil nature of disgust ...SABAOTH... From Letras Mania