Parris Chariz & Jarry Manna

Can't Hold Back Freestyle
Are you here? Yeah, I'ma just get right into it Walkin' in the middle of deep waves I reached out I was never swayed by head raps and freestyles It's a slick wave the internet got us speakin' 'bout Lemme talk Can't hold back I feel like I'm never needed I can't hold that Feel like I'm tolerated I feel like they hate it but shake my hand they violating I don't know where l stand in the midst of the crowd waiting For another rapper to pop out wit' high ratings I want high ratings but only for the people not my latest Drop me in the jungle I'ma come back high maintenance I lead her to the water she just got back hydrated Taught plays, had to learn to fish 'fore I caught waves Crazy I had the fade when I caught fades Never needed nothing but my momma and God grace Now I need that wit a mill in a locked safe Tell how it feel when the streams don't bounce back Say they love the song but the bank can't count that When you eating Ramen but ya taste buds outback Stealing my style I think my phone and the house tapped I been hustling, on my phone, I been late night struggling On my own, I did nothing but lean on him 12th grade, went to prom wit' the lean on us Letras de cancionesI never thought in my future that they would lean on me I think back to past he put the beam on me For a jacket and I still don't keep the thing on me, yeah But I still get to dream homie Listen, it's jiggas hating to see me win Waiting to see you end Placing the money all on my head Then bet again I ain't going out like that I'ma slick wave You could bet that house on that I got the rent saved Moved to the 'burbs to get a handle He in control Remember when shorty said I'm her man I played the zone It transformed into a blessing I took her to church Not to the building, we chopped it up and I took her to work Feel like I'm serving 'em what they need not they want The furthest from perfect I'm nervous and hurting I'm pulling the curtains back Everybody got choppa in her Birkin bag Everybody get money but where ya purpose at Not true, I just had his book and some house shoes Now I gotta plasma and house rules Angels is laying on me I came from a drought too I see it different and this the manual how to I can't hold back, yeah 45 on my hip dawg, I can't hold back, yeah (I can't hold back) We still alive to the clip drop I can't hold back 45 on my hip dawg, I can't hold back (I can't hold back) We still alive to the clip drop, I can't hold back From Letras Mania