Mystic Circle

Servants Of Twilight
The prince of the darkness sent out his servants To protect the son of darkness They resemble man and beast and will risk their lives for him Within their souls dwells the demonic They are meant for their master See the blackness in their eyes The light on earth will shine no more Armies of ravens are on his side No one can escape their spell Beastly rottweiler in the shadow of the night In their muzzles greed for holy blood They are the servants of the twilight Ready for the fight They are the servants of the twilight No one can hide They are the servants of the twilight They keep the Christians away They are the servants of the twilight To protect the unholy one With the power of the dark evil They will rear his kingdom Many had to die as well as his family From the mists of perdition They play their games The only purpose in their lives Letras de cancionesIs to die for him And in the shadow of the wolf he will come The winds to become his weapons He will tolerate no one beside him So he will also murder his brother The false prophets prepare the country for his rule His energy is reflected in their bodies The shouting of the raven lets the world stop in it's tracks The barking of the gods lets everything shiver with fear From Letras Mania