Mystic Circle

One With The Antichrist
We are one with the Antichrist We are one with our master Satan Have your ever seen the darkened eyes And the flames of immortal power In the deeps of hell we arise And we came to destroy christianity By our side unholy armies will ride And Satans kingdom is built soon In the desert where all deamons came out Five of Satans lightkillers were born to destroy In the name of Satan they were pointet as snakes And they saw all the christians As their enemies For a dream of a new dawn where no light exist and a New regime of the unholy is built In the sign of Satan they were ready to fight with their weapons Who where the sword and the flame You'll die Five crooked grosses they bounded their way with the hell Unholy curses they bounded their way with the dead And in the silence of desertly lounliness Letras de cancionesPrayings to Luzifer and to his ghost And in the lounliness of desert storms and winds Rituals to the godfather's is done Oh belial save out trip and mission Fron his tormenting christians We know that the last battle is near and we must Built our reich again From the stars a helldog came lead all their souls into the lies It were the master of their dreams manipulated in their brain From hell arise the whole deamons eating dead bodys on the graves Fortune and dead is in their veins suffer and pain in their souls We are the serpants of unholy time The true deadbelievers of eternity "Seven sins the devils will the serpants shell arise" In the night all sadistic souls came to bring their Pleasures to unholy spirits And they will fight Put their lives for a Satans work and they built Invasions of the Armageddon And they will fight Races will die and the blood all will flow Feeling the evil inside Lords of destructions will guide us the way All for our brothers of lust will be sinned The fallen one had won the battle religions are destroyed A new race for the evil god will stand for it's own victory From Letras Mania