Mystic Circle

Throne Of The Night
Hear the creatures of the moon They deny the holy cross Only in the night they live In the sunlight they are dust Howling to the sky above In the form of wolves Under the stars they walk To their next dinner See the children of the night The bloodrinking society The oldest castles are their homes And they live in coffinf But one man in their leader Many hundred years he's old Once his love had killed herself And he denied god Throne of the night - leader of darkness Only with one bite he drinks the blood Throne of the night - undead awakes Lokk in it's eyes - and be dead "I was bleeding and you licked my blood I hear your breathing when I bite you neck The vampire walked through the room to the window Letras de cancionesA dead body lay on the body with no blood He had found his victim for this night And in the shadows of darkness he walked away" See the coldness in their eyes Lost souls in lost bodies Damned to walk in the darkness Damned to live forever Black their dresses white their skin They bite into your veins And they drink the blood red juice To live on and on Loneliness is on their side Ever on the search for love An eternal fight they have And they want to die Armies of the undead awakes From the Transilvanian castle Dracula is their leader To destroy the world Throne of the night Belongs to him Leader of wolves And of darkness Throne of the night Adorer of flesh Bloodsucking corpse Bring you the dead "Take my flesh and take my soul I'll be your slave From life to death" Eternal love I gave to him Ever by his side Be my master from the grave My demon tonight From Letras Mania