Scream In The Night
How can you escape them when they're hiding in the dark The watcher waits in solitude to tear your mind apart Deep within your soul they attack you in your dreams Lost in another time you can't see where you've been Nightfall arrives you bang your head against the wall Demons inside your head won't let you sleep at all Screaming for mercy & there's no a soul around Scream until the morning when they bring you to the ground Injecting their poison at will Moving right in for the kill You'll have to fight for your lives When you hear the Screm in the Night Ah...haha Dreams turn to nightmares & you wish you were dead With a terror strickenmind you tear the flesh from your head Savage eyes seek vengeance in the shadows of teh night Evil angels death disciples writhe with their delight Full moon is glowin' & you turn toward the sky Eternal saints are calling, you seem to burn alive Mesmerized by fire you're seduced into flames Time will tell in your padded cell that you've gone insane Molten metal flows from the hearth Letras de cancionesThe nightmare still haunts you from birth You'll have to fight for your lives When you hear the Scream in the Night Ahh... From Letras Mania