Loyalty Means Everything
Uh Yeah Ayy, show no love, feel no pain, uh Loyalty mean everything Write that, Firzt (Write that, Firzt) I feel like everybody watching (Dope fiends) Everybody plottin' Keep seein' fake pages in my comments On the loud, on the jet wit' my partners (Let's go) Street nigga, I'm respected like God here Plain bitch eat a dick 'til her nose run She cryin', used to ride on the doughnut Now I'm flyin', came from nothin', but we up now 'Bout time with this song, I'm the shit, uh They said I ain't got no mama, she been gone Keep a nasty lil' bitch, and she stay, tryna fuck She got beg for my dick with that thumb in her butt I take it out, eat it up, eat it up Keep my niggas on go, they ain't goin' for nothin' Got a call from my unc', ain't never gave nothin', dropping nothin', and he asked for some money (Gave me shit) Fuck was you and your brother when I was struggling (Fuck was you) Don't scream "Loyalty," you don't know the meaning ('Cause you don't) Used to cry to my momma "Free daddy," [?] I was ballin', the word of the demon You ain't real, how I know? 'Cause I see it ('Cause I see it) Letras de cancionesGot a freak, it go eat in your DM's Niggas faced off [?], no, I didn't BDB ENT, loyalty mean everything, run the city, and don't even be there and shit My pack like the ocean, it run up lil' deeper, why you screamin', "Free me," and you out here cheatin' You don't know how you hurt me, but I had to leave Watch out for the circus, but hang with some demons My enemies close to me, I like to see 'em Cross you like a rosary, thinkin' I need you, nigga Fuck them niggas be talkin' 'bout, not a goddamn (Yeah) Show no love, feel no pain, loyalty mean everything (Everything) Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, hottest label in the motherfuckin' world Fuck them niggas be talking bout Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh From Letras Mania