William Doyle

Design Guide
- Distinctive and positive identity - - An understandable layout - - A sense of place - - Informal interaction among people - - Locally distinctive - - Safe - - Welcoming - - Create visual interest - - Active street frontages - - The presence of gateways - - Adaptability within the open space - - Decreasing dependency - - A sense of community - All we feel all around us is centred On ideals resembling heaven There is nothing we want more than for a Sense of space among flowers and water Harmony between us and the ether In a uniform configuration Within reason and without sensation Nothing standing obscuring the centre Labyrinthian into forever I stood still in the cool of the evening Watched the sun as it skimmed the horizon Letras de cancionesEvery house silhouetted in unison And that buzz of nothing in the distance Was not hissing from deep in the forest But the streetlamp from where I was standing Labyrinthian into forever From Letras Mania