Cold War Kids

Tricky Devil
If I couldn't tell one face from another and cities all looked the same If my memories were melted like butter and I even forgot my name Somehow, you'd find a way to make me smile I can try pleasing all other people, imitate the way they dress Compliment their hair, mirror behavior, I know they're gonna be impressed Tell me how you never betray yourself If they made me pack up all my belongings, put 'em in an old suitcase Push me out the door with no explanation, nowhere I can show my face Tell me what you wouldn't do to save your life Did you make some kind of deal with the Devil? Are you some kind of saint? Aren't you gonna say something bad about us? Will you return hate with hate? (Ooh-ooh) What's the furthest place that you ever traveled? Somewhere that you had no friends Have you ever been so lost you unraveled? Did someone reach out their hand? Tell me why, tell me why You smile You smile You smile Tell me why you smile You smile Tell me why you smile Tell me why you smile From Letras Mania