Impaled Nazarene

Damnation (Raping The Angels)
When Jews return to Zion and fire burn the skies, (Then) satanic majesty rises And both you and I must die ! From the eternal sea he rises Creating armies on either shore Turning man against his brother Till man exists no more ! Thirteen steps, the ritual Black, candles, face the altar Prince of hell, take my soul Give me the wisdom, of the ancient ghouls Sodomize the holy flesh, follow the left hand path Torment the holy trinity, feeble christianity ! Invocation, to my lord Shemhamforash, drink the blood Hear the names, so infernal Baphomet, I kneel before the altar Righteous flesh, turns me on Desecration, of bastard's mom I will turn your holy womb Into disgusting, unholy tomb Letras de canciones Sodomized is the holy flesh, so it done The thirteen steps There is no more Zion (yet) fire burning the skies Satanic majesty has risen and we all are dead...die... I was homosexual partner of Jesus Christ [repeat] From Letras Mania