Impaled Nazarene

Phallus Maleficarum
Reaping the holy from their misery...forever Harvest of hell believers weep Total destruction of whore mankind...perish Sign of the times hellbound unity Strike of higher force of evil ... Satan Dark dimension meltdown force Invaded by pain no saving grace ... repent Flame rapture burning flesh It's the twilight of the cunts Salvation by fire and brimstone Blood of the holy will flow...weaklings Heading for the infernal throne Time has come for the attack...attack Rape their holy souls It's the highlight of their lives Swallowed by lakes of burning fire It's the twilight of the cunts The weaklings awaited their saviour Letras de cancionesBut then the plague swept the lands Their fate was sealed by an iron hand Their prayers were left unanswered Eternally their souls burn All hail Satan!!! [Music: Anttila] [Lyrix: Luttinen] From Letras Mania