Chief Keef

Ain't Gonna Happen
Zaytoven (I wanna bring my brothers back, bro) Man, that shit make me laugh 'Cause they actually want me to give a fuck I wanna bring my brother back but I know it ain't gon' happen Knew I had to be the man back when I had started trappin' I never gave a fuck what they said (Nope) Foenem told me off with they heads Surely, you don't sleep in they beds (No) You surely wasn't raised with they kids (No) Baby, I'm a shark and they fish (Fish) I grew up, had to fill my house with dishes (Dishes) I'm steady smokin' dope in my kitchen (Kitchen) Come in here, baow, no witness, yeah (Witness) Fredo left me here You know it's been Cap or die, yeah Tadoe still retarded, he fried The day he smarten up, it's God Come on my property, I turn you to a French fry Turn my front yard to a fish fry I see big Glo in the big sky Crazy how it turned me to the big guy Ran an M6 up like an in-slide Thick lil' bitch from the East side Told her that I love it on the West side Letras de cancionesYou like to smoke dope, that's the best high When you got money, they be like, "Yes, sir" Niggas always foldin' under pressure The only thing I'm duckin' the militia And fans when I'm tired of takin' pictures Face dried up From all of the tears I cried up Lost most them niggas I ride for I got somethin' to prove, I'll slide through We turned Forest Hills spot to a drive-thru You sold So' soap 'til he got you Some'll get got but that's how it go I be with more monkeys than Baby Milo Beat on my chest (Ooh, ah, ah) A nigga beat on that bitch 'Cause that ho beat on my dick (Haha) New shit on the way Baby, andalé You just did call my weight You tryna argue? Okay I'm about to wait Read those, read those Girl, I got the privilege, ayy Skeet on mosquitos Girl, don't worry, gotta spray, hey (Bang, bang, bang) He put shit in front of you for you to get over it, yeah, yeah, yeah Lost my homies and I can't get over it, yeah, yeah, yeah But I put my head on 'cause I'm a big boy And there's so much cash I had to get, boy I been lazy as fuck, I get up, tell myself, "Ain't no savin' this bitch" Bringin' shit home, baby mama don't worry 'bout how I'm gettin' this shit Grown ass man, I'm bugged, baby, when we was kids, we wasn't kids First gun was a Glock .40, tried a thing in the head with that bitch From Letras Mania