Chris Hawkey

Take You With Me
As you watch as the plane meets the sky I Hope your tears share your face with a smile And That you know as I’m leaving again I Take You With Me All my life everywhere that I go I Remember you were the person that told Me To live as much as I could in this life I Take You With Me I’ve Watched the sunset in old Mexico I’ve Danced on the beach as the sea kissed my toes I’ve Gazed-at-the-north-ern-lights as it snowed. And you were with me Stood at the foot of a French Roman fort I Walked ancient footsteps of Greek island ports I Letras de cancionesI Fell in love with the wonders of life And you were with me Ran through a dessert with oil at my feet I Sang for soldiers in Kuwaiti heat I Walked under Red lights on Amsterdam streets And you were with me So as I come to the end of this song I Don’t know how long this time I’ll be gone But I thank you for this adventure I’m on YOU’RE ALWAYS WITH ME From Letras Mania