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Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool)
I can remember the first time I saw "The devil and the dead" "Cannibal Ferox", "The gates of hell", "Graveyard disturbance", "Eaten alive" I found my way, I saw the light Umbero Lenzy, Michele Soavi, Lamberto Bava, Antonio Climati, Dario Argento, Joe D'amato, Lucio Fulci, Ruggero Deodato Cannibals and zombies The jungle and the gore Gods of the splatter Mondos and softcores "Zombie flesh eaters" saved my life "Inferno", "Gomia", giallo all the time "Cut and run", "Dr. Butcher M.D.", "Demons", "Deep red" and "Zombie 3" Frank Martin, Vincent Dawn The kings of zombies will put you down! Mario Bava, the old school Spaghetti terror is pretty cool!!! From Letras Mania