Ayy Talk all that crazy shit, nigga 14, seen my cousin for a dub by the crib Plus he showed me how to hit, ain't looked back ever since 17, seen my dawg get four dub off a bend Ask him what I gotta spin, tryna win, I need in I need Grants, I need Bens, I need bands, I need M’s I need foreigns with the tint so you can't see up in my shit I seen Mani take trips, hit that road, take risks Brought back two hundred strips and paid off in the end It was me and Nick Bina, in a two seater Two Glocks, two mops, nigga don't get cleaned up You don’t trust me, shit, I don't trust me neither Shit contagious, if I blow, my niggas blowin' like we sneezin' Servin' bows to your people, them bows, I get 'em cheaper Told my dawg grab a couple duffle bags for the re-up Callin' plays with my feet up, we ain't gotta meet up Long reach, nigga, I can get you touched, ain’t gotta see you Long days, long nights, yeah I live the wrong life Baby wanna fuck with me, show me what that hoein’ like Yeah I sent that bitch down, show me what her toes like My stripper bitch love the feeling of being under the strobe lights Lay it all on the line, I just pray it go right Kick all for the shit we did, we gon' get more than life Yeah I always tote a pipe, like a nigga don’t fight Letras de cancionesFuck with us, it's suicide, might as well take your own life When I was 6, seen a nigga get blowed out his shit I knew ever since then I could never be no vict' When I was 10, boy my Uncle Mosey showed me how to whip Said do it like this, gotta spin it with your wrist My grandpa so black, my grandma so crisp Inherited my daddy fro, I was born in this shit I was born in this shit, not sworn in this bitch Ask the suckers who they smoked, they ain't score ’round this bitch From Letras Mania