Carrie Hope Fletcher

They Just Keep Moving The Line
The field was bright with clover I saw the finish sign I started as a rover And then victory was mine I thought the race was over But they just keep moving the line They cheered at my persistence But prayed for my decline The path of least resistance Led to Hollywood and Vine I tried to go the distance But they just keep moving the line I jumped all of the hurdles To break out of the pack I started on the outside And then hit the inside track I left the other fillies Back at the starting gate Was ready, on my mark, I got to set To hurry up and wait So talent and ambition Won me a chance to shine I aced the big audition Letras de cancionesBut it's rainin' on Cloud Nine Can't beat the competition 'Cause they just keep moving the line I handled every corner Each bump along the track And when I saw the ribbon, well There was no turning back I won the photo finish I posed for all the men But before I got my trophy Well, the race began again So I made friends with rejection I've straightened up my spine! I'll change each imperfection Till it's time to drink the wine! I'd toast to resurrection But they just keep moving the line! Please give me some direction 'Cause they just keep moving the line! From Letras Mania