Neil Diamond

Brooklyn Roads
If I close my eyes I can almost hear my mother Callin', "Neil go find your brother Daddy's home, and it's time for supper Hurry on." And I see two boys Racin' up two flights of staircase Squirmin' into Papa's embrace And his whiskers warm on their face Where's it gone? Oh, where's it gone? Two floors above the butcher First door on the right And life filled to the brim As I stood by my window And looked out on those Brooklyn Roads I can still recall The smells of cookin' in the hallways Rubbers drying in the doorways And report cards I was always Afraid to show Letras de cancionesMama'd come to school And as I sit there softly crying Teacher'd say, "He's just not trying Got a good head if he'd apply it But you know yourself, It's always somewhere else." I built me a castle With dragons and kings And I'd ride off with them As I stood by my window And looked out on those Brooklyn roads Thought of going back But all I'd see are stranger's faces And all the scars that love erases But as my mind walks through those places I'm wonderin', What's come of them? Does some other young boy Come home to my room Does he dream what I did As he stands by my window And looks out on those Brooklyn roads Brooklyn roads From Letras Mania