Maniac Butcher

Holy War
The crusade to the Holy Land Jerusalem - back for Christians Defence of peace and faith Holy war -the legitimate affair Mohamed's prohecy, sons of Allah And their holy duty Eexpansion of the Koran by a crooked sabre Holy war - the legitimate affair Jahve and the wisdom of the rabbis The licking of enemies' spittles The legitimate affair Holy war - bargain and usury Jesus, Jahve, Allah Palestine, Jerusalem, Izrael Christian, Arab, Jew Pagan dogs and the choosen nations The holy war From chalif's command With pope's blessing For rabbi's pleasure The holy war Letras de cancionesThe struggle for true belief The clamouring of peace The thirst for blood The holy war Endless battles Crucifying of prisoners Jewish pogroms The holy war For Holy Land Two of them fought The third one laughed The abortion of Christian church Jerusalem in pagan's hands Never mind - millions of Indians, Eskimos and negroes Are waiting for the holy baptism Jews - masters of Holy Land Persecuted rats in the rest of the entire world Sionism, antisemitism Usury and pogroms Descendants of emirs - street beggars Desolate mosques Longing for revenge, pugnacity in minds Stones against airforce The holy war The impossible peace The eternal hate Pain and blood From Letras Mania