Maniac Butcher

Awakening in Death
The eve on the death bed Preparation for the way to God Firm belief in the salvation of soul Readness to die The whole life with faithfulness to the Master Suffering from His trials Wallowing in dust under His legs For acquirement of His favour The "loving" of enemies Exposing of the other face The humble surviving in fear The boasting about suffering But only one Your real pleasure Trust that your torturers Won't avoid the hand of God You are writhing in heavy convulsion On the verge of agony Whilst your night mares Have still a lot of strenghts Awakening from a dark dream Letras de cancionesJust before the coming of eternal sleep Disclosure of severe truth about God Only too late...! The loss of trust in the power of God Misbelief in his justice Life wasted in lies and fear Late throwing off of Christian fetters Sudden fear from death The rage towards powerlessness of a dying body Disinterest in confession and absolution Only enormous longing for revenge Awakening in death Revenge instead of confession Volcano of unbelief and hate Erupts in your mind You hate all livng people Your only wish is the revenge upon them You wasted your time - you are dying You are leaving without revenge! From Letras Mania