Charles Hamilton

Ugly Supermodel
Yo, welcome to Harlem where happiness is Yes I'm the devil i'm back in this bitch Grow out my fro see what nappiness is Have you a sip, wrap up a gift I fuckin' grew up like a sap as a kid Palpitations from passionate kids Just cum on myself as an accident, Ms Everyone watchin they laugh at this shit I say I'm a virgin to shock the ladies Soon as I fuck em' I'm not, it's crazy Lately, though, I've gotten lazy Throwin' a fit like a rotten baby Love when the weather is hot and hazy Cop some haze and drop to Haiti Doesn't this sound like pop in the 80's Bitches it does, you got to play me I'm an ugly supermodel, do you love me? I hope so, yes. I hope so, let's go From Letras Mania