Obsession To Prosper
(music and lyrics by Myllyvirta) Others have gone to paradise, those who made the sacrifice Not everyone made rightful acts, they´ve come to end of their laps Things you did where they justified, crimes you made you just denied Forgiveness´s allowed to everyone, look far behind and see what you´ve done Pre-chorus: Do you decide horror and pain Or glory and grace that many claim Don´t fear footsteps know what is to be That you´ll see, you will see In time when your judgement is called, in the place where many fall Your future gods only know, soon you´ll see were you have to go Step ahead and confess your sins, take what they have to give All chances flown by, too late to kneel and apologie Letras de cancionespre-chorus chorus Power and desire to prevail is a great temptation No vengence no grief makes away you can find Want to success in this life ends in an obsession Todays rivalry leads our way and to darkness us bind This´s a warning to others to come, save yourselves do good at least some Great is the power which rules us all, break the chains see the new dawn Salvation is too late for me, don´t share the common destiny May my damnation guide your way, don´t forget what I had to say " Behold the punisment yourself you set, finally you pay what you owe as debt. First time in a history you´ve been justed, no prays for your soul when bones turn to dust" pre-chorus chorus x 2 From Letras Mania