Broken Ground
The wood burns dark and cloaks the rain See what we have wrought again Shadows scrape across the bones Speak only of stones and home We seek the sun in endless night And burn in its forbidden light From the crown it came down The beasts gather and turn to form Another with in our path Bringing the crystal view Come on down to the sea Where our fathers see all See them all unto the road Lead us then on the site Of war outside the mind To the world and to our own I lower down to become this land I'll bring a pale shroud Let's drag it in the blood We'll make them see him And take him away forever Waters wash what we have burned Letras de cancionesThe winter's ash the sky has turned Mounds of earth we build on high In barrows our remains shall lie Trouble sleeps where dead men stare Across the void we have fallen prey to all Now I shield the fragile ones I have offered my own skin Time must now see this through I'll do what must be done The fear in our eyes is clean Spider have burrowed deep And the eggs are all dying Leaving us within our own fetus I will awake Crawl down to you Reach out my hands It all falls away From Letras Mania