Oscar Moore

There's A Small Hotel
I'd like to get away, JuniorSomewhere alone with youIt could be oh, so gay, JuniorYou need a laughOr twoA certain place I know, FrankieWhere funny people can have funThat's where the two will go,DarlingBefore you can count upOne, two, three. For there's a small hotelWith a wishing wellI wish that we were there togetherThere's a bridal suiteOne room bright and neatComplete for us toShare togetherLooking through the windowYou can see a distant steepleNot a sign of people whoWants people?Letras de cancionesWhen the steeple bell says,"Good night, sleep well,"We'll thank the small hotelTogetherWe'll creep into our little shellAnd we will thank the small hotel together From Letras Mania