Nerissa & Katryna Nields

This Happens Again and Again
She is waiting in line for a meal that is freeThere's a boy with a beard and a patch on his kneeShe already knows what the conversation will beThis happens again and againShe asks where he's sitting and is he aloneHe smiles with his teeth; he's a long way from homeHe has eyes that are blue, he has hair that is blownThis happens again and again"You seem like the guy that I've been looking forYour eyes are so thoughtful and brightHow long must we act like we're just making friendsWhen I already know that you're right?"The feeling comes over her once and so clearIt was difficult last time when she tried to steerAnd she asks herself, "Am I making love to the mirror?"This happens again and again"Your eyes are the color of autumn skiesYour hair is so golden and brightYour body is all that a woman's should beWon't you come home with me tonight?"Then she starts from her chair in a moment of thoughtTo remember her first love and the lessons he taughtAnd how very easily she could be boughtThis happens again and again From Letras Mania