Reborn In Flames
Comes the time of fear and pain The human race is bleeding away! The earth covered by ashes and flesh Dying in terrible decay Freezing winds freezing it all What fire hasn't burnt Blackened blood flooding the graves Messiah will never return! Unholy words of ancient prophecy Now come true - the dead rise from hell... Toxic storms attack from the sky Spreading the light of deadly pleasure Nuclear mutants buried alive In blasting dust of dying world Atomic falls putrefy human brains The living dead creep in bloody bog The lord of hate was awaken by death Before you die, can see the end! All will burn in his breath His eyes paralyze every life The demons wheel above his head Like vultures seeking the flesh All will burn in his breath Letras de cancionesHis eyes paralyze every life All demons transformed into grubs To make the globe a stinking rot Born to destroy the holy ghost to the end Now finished wars of God His name is the Exterminator Covering the earth with vaporous rot The real messiah reborn in flames Creator was the hell He's killer of the world of the living The dead worship his majesty Comes the time of wrath and death Heaven has turned blood-red fire Crucified souls vomiting the blood In embrace of mortal desire Freezing winds that froze that all What fire has already burnt Blackened blood flooding the corpses Messiah will never return! No return!!! From Letras Mania