[And was not Man created from the blood of Kingu, commander of the hordes of] [the Ancient Ones? Does not Man possess in his spirit the seed of rebellion] [against the Elder Gods? And the blood of Man is the blood of vengeance. And] [the blood of Man is the Spirit of vengeance. And the power of Man is the power] [of the Ancient Ones. And this is the Covenant. ] [Of the Forgotten Generations of Man - taken from "The Magan Text"] We - from the blood of the dead We're burning with fury and hate Bloody vengeance still growing in us Waiting for mighty lords who'll praise again Cry of the dreaming-dead Still existing in my head They are spawn of the lords And venom of the evil gods Through the caverns of the earth the creep Still waiting for the right time They revolt against the holiness Leading me the mighty realm of madness Primal lords Eternal creatures of the earth Moved before the upcoming revolt Listen to your sickest dreams Awakening of the fallen is written in us Letras de canciones Secular war Among the giants of universe And race of man created in hate Lead your thoughts beyond the time And wake up the ancestry of our entity Distant worlds Abominations unaffected Waiting for the rebirth of the ancient race All creatures of darkness arise I open my mind for coming of the lords From Letras Mania