Spiral (Don't Fall)
So I am lostAnd I am foundWith contradictions I can't resolveSo many pathsSo many doorways to the truthAnd when I dream, I know her faceBut the mist obscures my wayReaching out to wipe these tearful eyes once moreAnd here we goAround and aroundA bitter struggle plays out beneath my smileAnd here we goAround and aroundDon't fall, don't fall, don't fall, don't fall, for meAnd with this swordA raging fireCarried by my soul's desireAnd visions of a worldInscribed to breathe(I do not feel, tell me what's wrong with me)A dream of silver swansLetras de cancionesFlying in the darkLost in separationThey follow me homeA dream of silver swansSwimming in my mindFilled with isolationThey follow me homeAnd when we touchThe shadows fleeWith clues submerged in mysteryThe physics of this second sightHas lead me here From Letras Mania