The Ally
[Lyrics by Mark Theunssens] For ten thousand years I fought every war All engaged my skills It was what I was living for Violence kept me alive I lived hard and fast Each battle I survived Always thinking it would be my last Son of a thousand fathers Bearer of no name Keeper of your nightmares Incentive to your pain I ride my fearsome horse I swing my poisoned blade He who calls upon me Embraces death as fate I never chose a war It would always find me Never could I turn my back It was where I had to be Letras de cancionesSummon me as your ally If you know the spell I will slay your enemies And you will pay your debt to Hell The image that reflects Right before my eyes Is made of pain and misery Scarlet flashes are all I see You cannot flee For I have come for thee I'll take you on a journey You will go back to Hell... with me From Letras Mania