Echoes Of A Life
Echoes of a life Resounding from in his soul Sacrificed freedom cries Echoes from a light Reflections of his hard work He was building his own life For a soul meant to fly He smiles like a little boy No hope in his eyes But cries like a grown man Tears he never should have cried Purity of a soul So noble heart of gold How easily it falls apart Then came that great war Looking down with evil eyes Filling his life with... with Horrors better left behind I will not forget To sing of his song With pride and with gratitude that the world couldn't show I wish I could sit by your side once again To hear of adventures Letras de cancionesAnd to know how you are I'll never understand How we've forgotten him He witnessed our births Echoes of a life Reaching out from his soul Sacrificed freedom cries For the old man's leaving now Echoes from the light Reflections of his hard work He will rise with the Memories of a time Sounding forever Echoes of his life From Letras Mania