Heaven And Earth
The coldest winter has begun And it's coming for me This lifeless place I have been sent to It is all new to me I can feel it starting to freeze I know this never have been And nothing could stop it Strong as the wind blows I'm a shadow beneath this cloud Can not remember where I came from I'm screaming out loud cause it scares The hell out of me And it's so far to fall Long I have fought just to get here But now you're so far in that grey hole Shouldn't be free Don't want to forget but it's late Cause now I am here Where heaven and earth cry Where heaven and earth cry Look for the days that I look back on my innocence My sight was blinded by the same lie Anything's better than this My fragile happiness died Letras de cancionesIt's gone and not coming back To pick up what little remains of me From this bad nightmare I dream that I wake up My tears are dry, silence echoes Will this final rhyme Forget me after a time Between heaven and hell From Letras Mania