Maybe this time You will understand The reason I wrote for you this song I need to sing it out now My heart isn't made of stone It has not forgotten Still thinks of thee Speaks to me all the time It tells me of the days gone by Living in this world with your love And cries for that great loss Please hear its call Saying that I need you Hoping you feel as I do A smile from you would send me to heaven To the kingdom of your love And we could be together And all of this sadness will be gone Once I broke the ice surrounding you And my voice reached your heart and soul Spoke to them hidden in a song And then my soul was burned by your fire so tender Heat of your love... then everything was gone Just ashes of what was Reminding me who I am Letras de cancionesJust another dreamer Only a fool in the shadow of your smile Who lives and cries hidden inside And for your love, I would give away my soul Hear how I sing your song Abandoned on a lost road Can't you see I still love you? From Letras Mania