Abysmal Dawn

The Inevitable Return To Darkness
A meteor rips clear across our skies Bringing forth the death of all life This distant traveler meets its journeys end Bringing judgement as it swiftly descends Wandering through these clouds made of ash Struggling to maintain control Mental capacities under collapse Witnessing the final days of man For all these years we reigned supreme Returning now to celestial debris The food chain collapses under vast scorched skies This climate shift condemns us to die Foraging through remnants of mankind Scavenge the relics of our time Retracing the footsteps of our past Trying to salvage what is left Balance is stricken from our mother Earth Violence conceived our universe So it will end as it began Ready now for a second chance Letras de cancionesThis loneliness brought on by isolation Maddens you to the point of craving death Traumatized with no apparent destination You soon pursue the only option you see left The pain of life exceeding fear of death Heading for this glowing luminescence Its gravity accretes a mass of churning souls This single point is the origin of creation It’s where it all began and where we shall return Awakening as an enlightened apparition Conscious of the truth once obscured from our view Drifting from sordid realms of the living Aware of the purpose you subconsciously knew We’re all a disease In an omnipresent being A cancer inside of a god Its defenses striking at us Know that everything must serve a purpose even if that means to consume and destroy And you’re a part of this infection; an agent of chaos on a quest to restore the darkness… From Letras Mania