Cheap Girls

Knock Me Over
And I’m on the bed wasting awayRecovering’s what I think and I sayStill I can’t seem to shake the pain,Down the steps feels like going down the drainTV picture’s turned to nothing again,Fake surrounding that I pay to keepMight as well be whites, black and grey,‘Cause there’s too much mystery in all the fictionI let the world just knock me overAnd love & connection are the toughest of friends;All starts with an interview, turns into a jobBut I’m not above at least checking inA slight reality that I’ll stick aroundI let the world just knock me overAnd I’ll write down everything that’s been keeping me from standing on my own, blurring all that I seeAnd these are all the wrongs that you don’t get for free,Try to delay all of their constant punctualityBut it’s flying right over meAnd I walk the ground, muscles are frayed,My grip is just falling awayI’d do anything to loose the painI’d do anything to loose the painI let the world just knock me over From Letras Mania