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Gangsta Boogie
Gangsta Boogie, in my all black hoodie Real recognise real, all fakes are buried In the cemetery, cause if you shake like jelly You ain't gonna be ready, so Boop like Betty Cold truth for ya yellow belly, cus you scared Butterflies flapping in your eyes, that's you dead Now you living in a killer's mind No loose ends that's nuisance No body no crime from the start line The greatest Al Capone of our time You keep running and I'll show up where you might hide Decide now if wanna be a knight rider Or lights out rapture that ass like a mobster Tight crowd full of veterans who played contra And I doubt that'll ever tell you that you harder Mind out cowboy wanna lose ya partner this my house gangsta Headphones strapped to skull cap Head gone feeling like King Kong giving Jessica Lange back I'm feeling all that Kenan way before the claps If Kel was here he'd hand me the orange soda cap, why? Can't lie yo I'm live as the vinyl spinning double time around the vibe so you might lose ya mind yo Look around like where'd the time go? Guess our father brought an onslaught of another aura to make ya mind go staccato Strings of heart compose straight classics for kings of art So if you're thinking that you're that sick I think you're not Letras de cancionesI'm Mr. Rooney kicking hatricks To class this you'd have to flip the game backwards Just like Nas did, the first is the last kids As if you could match this You could try to light my fire but my water's earth and wind From Letras Mania