Chase & Status

Machine Gun
Featuring Pusha T [Intro: Pusha T] Chase and Status King Push [Verse 1: Pusha T] D boy, dark side, stash money, archive R.I.P. nigga, that's me nigga, that's all eyes Seein' me with them hoes, seein' me in them clothes I'm settled in, I'm settin' trends, they TMZin' my pose Doors up, hard top, money, cash, that's hard knock Life foul, this lifestyle, I'm documentin' it right now G.O.O.D. Music, God level, goes hard for the whole game All white everything, my hands dirty with cocaine [Hook] Machine gun Machine gun [Verse 2: Pusha T] Daredevil, stunt man, fly nigga, you jumpman G5s we jump start, with the Joker smile on that front end Fist in, might sit twelve, you ain't talking no thick hoes If you like me? That's 2 niggas and 6 bitches in tight clothes "Mo' money, mo' problems" motto don't mean much Letras de cancionesAll gold everything, not Trinidad, nigga, King Tut King Push, kilo, I'm the voice of it, Cee Lo Machine gun, Steve-O, it's just as big as my ego [Hook] From Letras Mania